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Triple Berry Smoothie With No Banana

health benefits of berries

Berries are incredibly nutritous. They are loaded with antioxidants and high in fiber. They help fight inflamation and may even have protective benefits against cancer

This is my favorite ways to enjoy berries. Enjoy!


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Berry shakes are super creamy and good for you.

Prep Time: 5 Min


1 ripe– 1 cup raspberries frozen * – ½ cup strawberries fresh, sliced thinly – ½ cup blueberries fresh – 1 cup almond milk – 1 teaspoon maple syrup avocado cubed

Add berries, almond milk , and maple syrup  to the blender. Blend till creamy. Approximately 3 min.

Top with fruits or nuts. I like to add a tiny bit of lemon drizzle and crushed nuts. Enjoy!

Step 2

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